MUGA Court Dimensions in Monmouthshire

MUGA Court Dimensions in Monmouthshire

The size and dimensions of a multi use games area will not always be the same as the designs can change to suit budgets and outdoor space at the facility.

Sports Facility Area Size in Monmouthshire

Sports Facility Area Size in Monmouthshire

Depending on your choice of design and the price range you have available, sports courts can be installed in many different shapes and sizes.

MUGA Pitch Measurements in Monmouthshire

MUGA Pitch Measurements in Monmouthshire

We can help you decide on the perfect design for your outdoor sports facility with dimensions which fit your existing outdoor space and accommodate the sports you want to play.

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MUGA Court Dimensions in Monmouthshire

Here at Multi Use Games Area, our team of experts can help you decide on the perfect design for your outdoor sports facility with dimensions which fit your existing outdoor space and accommodate the sports you want to play. 

If you're in need of experienced and friendly advice about MUGA Court Dimensions from sports facility contractors in Monmouthshire then look no further than us.

As experts in the installation of MUGA pitches, our company offers the ability to alter MUGA pitch dimensions in Monmouthshire NP7 9 to meet individual needs and requirements. 

We have installed MUGA courts in many different facilities for many different sports, such as sports clubs, leisure centres, schools, and parks. 

Multi-use games areas are generally designed and constructed to fit playing properties for a number of different sports; this may include:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • professional/Recreational Football
  • Netball

The most common MUGA dimensions for standard MUGA courts are 38m x 18m or 35m x 17m allowing all the line markings for the sports to be applied to the multi sports pitches. However, different courts can vary in size and it is not compulsory that they have to follow specific measurements for certain game space.

There may be restrictions on the site or the client’s budget which may mean that the multi sports facilities cannot be a certain size, therefore the multi-purpose court sizes will have to be altered to fit the space and meet the client’s requirements.

For more information about the multi-purpose court dimensions for different facilities, and to discuss our installation costs, please feel free to contact us via the quick form on this page.

MUGA Cost per m2

The cost of a MUGA per m2 can vary depending on the different surface types which you wish to have installed and the amount of preparation and groundworks needed. Costs and prices of construction depend on the particular design and specification of your facility.

Therefore, it is recommended to discuss your budget, funding and general planning with a professional consultant when designing the specification of your multi use games space.

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The multisport court dimensions will alter the price of construction for various reasons. Firstly, a larger area will use more materials when constructing the MUGA pitches than a smaller surface area.

A bigger multisport facility may also take longer to construct than a smaller one, and this may raise the price of construction.

Additionally, the application of sport line markings on your MUGA pitch facility could change the price of multi-use games area construction depending upon the size of the facility near me, as more markings for multiple sports may be installed onto a bigger space.

Sports Facility Area Size in Monmouthshire

It is vital that you have a rough idea of the sports facilities size for where your court will be installed when you enquire about costs and prices.

This is because our specialist consultants need to have a general idea of the surface types you want, measurements of your area, location and your specific budget in order to give you an accurate quotation.

To learn more about our company please click here This will also help you get all the necessary information needed if you were to apply for funding.

Since all multisport courts are used for different things by each organisation, the sports area size tends to vary.

We can discuss the overall design for your court in Monmouthshire NP7 9 and the surrounding area, to ensure it accommodates to your budget and the exact requirements for the sports you would like to use it for.

If you would like any further information on costs and prices of construction of multi-use games areas or advice on multipurpose court measurements, we highly recommend you fill out our contact form.

Once you have completed the form we will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will provide you with a professional and helpful response along with the necessary assistance that you need. 

What are the Dimensions of a Sports Pitch?

The dimensions of a sports pitch near me can vary depending upon the type of sports you are going to be playing on the MUGA pitches.

Multi-use games areas in Monmouthshire and surrounding areas, can differ in size significantly depending on if you're playing rugby and football or tennis and netball.

The sizes will completely depend upon the type of surfacing, line marking and sports you want.

To find out about our polymeric rubber sports surfacing, have a look at this page

Although there are set measurements used for particular sports, you will find that the facilities can be altered in size to fit individual requirements.

If the client has limited space or funds available, our contractors are able to reduce the size of your MUGA to meet their demands.

once your new surface is installed for your multi use games area, we would always recommend having regular cleaning services, MUGA Maintenance and slip resistance tests to keep your area in top condition.

We will be more than happy to talk you through the different sizes we would require and offer you details on how we can alter out specs to meet your needs for the sporting activities you want to do, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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