Repainting MUGA Courts in Lancashire

Repainting MUGA Courts in Lancashire

We offer repainting services for worn out sports courts in schools and clubs, this process always starts with a thorough clean to remove moss and dirt from the existing area.

Sports Surface Painting Specialists in Lancashire

Sports Surface Painting Specialists in Lancashire

Once the surface is completely clean and repairs have been done, we will apply a brand new coloured anti slip paint coating which provides improved playing qualities.

MUGA Surface Painters in Lancashire

MUGA Surface Painters in Lancashire

Our team will also apply line markings for the chosen sports which could be one single sport like tennis, or could incorporate multiple activities like basketball and netball as well.

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Repainting MUGA Courts in Lancashire

Here at Multi Use Games Area, we offer repainting services for worn out sports courts in schools and clubs, this process always starts with a thorough clean to remove moss and dirt from the existing area. 

If you're in need of experienced and friendly repainting Multi Use Games Areas installers in Lancashire then look no further than us.

The process of repainting multi use games areas in Lancashire PR6 8 is often carried out when the sports surface loses its playing performance after heavy use and starts to become slippery and flooded.

This can happen with hard courts, such as macadam surfaces and polymeric surfaces nade of EPDM rubber crumb, which have previously been painted but the coating has worn away over time.

You can learn more about the colour anti slip coatings we use here

As professional sport facility installers we offer a number of services to improve the playing qualities of your multi-use games area and make sure it is safe, suitable and in top condition for the sports you want to play.

You can speak to our consultants regarding anti-slip painting of MUGAs if necessary about your specific requirements. Simply fill in our contact form with your details and we will respond to your enquiry at your earliest convenience.

Anti Slip Coating in Lancashire

The first thing that needs to be done when repainting multi use games area facilities existing surface at the below facilities games areas:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Leisure centres
  • sports clubs

Or any other sports facility is to make sure the flooring is completely clean. This is the best way because if you apply a new paint coating onto a court which is covered in dirt and hasn't been given a thorough clean, the new layer of anti-slip paint will stick to all the pieces of dirt and debris rather than the surfacing itself.

This then means that when the dirt is washed away by rain or the sports courts are next cleaned, the paint will be washed away as well and this will leave the surface looking very patchy and uneven.

We will complete a thorough cleaning process using a specialist jet wash and solution which removes debris, moss and leaves from the sports surface prior to adding the new anti-slip paint polyurethane coating.

Once the court has been cleaned our professional team can also complete any repairs which may be needed on the flooring if there are cracks or areas of damage.

The costs for repainting MUGA facilities with acrylic paint tend to vary depending upon the condition of the surface and the design you choose for the paint and the different sports you would like to play, so please fill in our simple contact box to discuss a quote with one of our experts.

What is Sports Court Painting?

Sports court painting is the process of installing anti-slip coloured coating to the sports surfaces to enhance the appearance and playing properties of the facility and improve the slip resistance.

By using a specialist paint on the court, the slip resistance will be dramatically improved as the players will have more grip on the surfacing.

Sport courts may be painted in a number of different variations of anti-slip colour coating depending on client preferences. We often install anti-slip paint in two colours - one for inside the court and one for the outside.

It is completely up to the client how the court is painted and our specialists can alter our own designs and specifications to meet your individual needs and requirements for slip resistance.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the sports courts are painted just the way they want it.

If you're interested in finding out more about sport court painting our experts carry out in Lancashire and surrounding areas, please complete our contact form and we'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Sports Surface Painting Specialists Near Me

If you have macadam sports surfaces in your games areas which has developed fretting and loose stones in some areas, our sports surfaces painting specialists can apply a binder coat for you.

For details on tarmac courts please click here 

The binder is a coating which binds the loose stones down onto the surfacing and boosts the quality of tired macadam flooring.

It also helps to prevent moss growth and creates a longer-lasting, more durable anti-slip paint colour coating because it acts like a base coat for your sports surfaces.

When recolouring MUGA courts in Lancashire PR6 8 and surrounding areas, for:

  • Basketball courts
  • Netball courts 
  • Tennis courts
  • Multi-use activities

We offer a range of colour choices. These enable you to decide on a unique design which can incorporate a single colour or two colours depending on your preference.

The options we have available include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange

We can also create bespoke designs.

The specialist paint we use comes in either an acrylic or a polyurethane specification depending upon the type of surfacing you have and the playing qualities you need.

To find out about respraying, have a look at this

Each of the professional sports paints contains an aggregate of sand and aluminium oxide which gives the coatings their slip-resistant qualities.

Different levels of slip resistance can be achieved for the chosen sports by adding varying amounts of this aggregate.

We will also apply clear and accurate line markings in contrasting colours of your choice to mark out the scoring lines for each sport you would like to play.

Please take a moment to complete the contact form on this page if you're interested in talking more about the costs of recolouring MUGA courts near me.

One of our sports surface painting specialists will get back to you as soon as possible to offer some advice with regards to your enquiry, contact our team today.

Other Maintenance Services We Offer

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If you are thinking about having your MUGA repainted or new line markings installed and you would like additional details on costs, designs and colours, please make sure you send us your details along with your enquiry when you fill in our contact box provided on this page for a free quote.

Our experts will get back to you with more information on our MUGA painting services in Lancashire PR6 8 and the prices of our services. 

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