MUGA Court Fencing in Stirling

MUGA Court Fencing in Stirling

Specialist fencing is often included with multi use games area construction as it helps to keep the area secure and safe.

Sports Fencing Contractors in Stirling

Sports Fencing Contractors in Stirling

We can supply and install different types of fencing for outdoor sports facilities which come with single or double gates depending on your preference and requirements.

Secure MUGA Fence in Stirling

Secure MUGA Fence in Stirling

There are a few different specifications of MUGA court fencing to choose from and we can recommend the best design to suit your budget and chosen sports.

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MUGA Court Fencing in Stirling

Welcome to Multi Use Games Area, our team of experts can supply and install different types of fencing for outdoor sports facilities which come with single or double gates depending on your preference and requirements. Do you need an experienced MUGA court fencing contractor in Stirling Then you have come to the right place

It is important to explore the different MUGA court fencing options that are available in Stirling FK8 3 when having a multi-use games area installed. By deciding on a budget and the standards you’ll be playing to with different sports, it is a lot easier to choose the right type of fence.

We recommend that you buy the strongest and most resilient fence if you are planning to play a variety of sports, which may include football, tennis and basketball; this is due to the hard impact which will come from the balls and other equipment. We provide specialist multi-use games area fencing, which is a super rebound specification.

This is much sturdier than others due to its thicker metal structure; this allows the MUGA court fence to withstand shots with great force. If however, you are only using the facility for tennis or netball, this stronger fence will not be necessary.

If you would like more information on multi-use games area fences near me, do not hesitate to contact our team. You can find out about our professionals here Our specialists can talk you through the different panels available and benefits of each specification. Simply fill in the contact form and we shall send you over a quote along with some additional details on our fencing. 

MUGA Fencing Specification

Rebound systems are also available, these are similar to the super rebound specification; however, they have thinner poles going up the fencing. This type also offers durability and is a great choice depending upon the sports being played on the specific facility. For sports that will have minimal impact, such as tennis, we offer chain link options.

This type of fence offers an enclosed playing facility, as well as keeping the playing balls inside. We also supply ball stop netting, these are designed to keep the balls on the designated court and stop them getting lost or disrupting other games; it is mainly used for football pitches near me, on 5-metre high fence systems.

Installing a secure system around your sports surface in Stirling and surrounding areas, can help to reduce vandalism and keep the facility well looked after. To talk more about the costs for installing MUGA court fences, take a moment to fill in your details on our contact form so we can get back to you.

Sports Fencing Contractors in Stirling

The price of sports court fencing in Stirling FK8 3 and surrounding areas, will alter depending on a number of different factors. The biggest factors that will affect the cost are the style of fence that you wish to have installed, the height and the dimensions of the fence. Obviously the bigger your facility is the more fencing you will require.

For detail on standard court sizes, check out this page As we are specialist contractors, we'll be able to give you some advice regarding the designs and costs for each type. The super rebound fencing is much more durable and impact absorbing, this means it does cost considerably more than a chain link spec. Similarly, a taller fence around a larger surface area will cost more than shorter fences which is around a smaller area.

3 metres tall is most common for the installation of MUGA fences; however, our company also supplies 4 metres and 5 metres high rebound gates. The taller fences – 5 metre – is more common for facilities that are likely to get vandalised, the installation of a taller fence may help to reduce costs in the future as you may not need to have the court repainted or repaired.

What is the Cost of MUGA Fences?

The cost of MUGA fences can vary depending on a number of factors. The type you choose to install is one of the biggest factors which can alter the price. The height of the fences that you require will change the price of fencing - obviously, if you require a high panel the price will be more. Similarly, the amount you need to go around your facility will have an effect on the costs. If you've got a big facility, you will find that the cost to install MUGA fences will be more than if you've got a small facility, since more will be needed. 

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Our company’s main objective is to give you a high-quality service that remains within your budget throughout the entire construction of your facility, including the supply and installation of extra equipment like floodlights.

If you'd like to find out more information relating to costs and prices of MUGA court fencing in Stirling FK8 3 and the supply and installation of other equipment or facilities, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a helpful and professional response.

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