4G All Weather MUGA in Totegan

4G All Weather MUGA in Totegan

Synthetic 4G pitches are commonly installed for use with football and rugby facilities because the provide natural playing qualities with much simpler maintenance requirements.

5G Synthetic Grass Pitch in Totegan

5G Synthetic Grass Pitch in Totegan

The artificial carpet is made from advanced turf material with sand and rubber infill to provide the most comfortable performance qualities and also to protect players' joints.

Artificial Grass Sport Surfaces in Totegan

Artificial Grass Sport Surfaces in Totegan

Many schools and clubs have artificial grass installed for their sports facilities because they are easier to look after and can be rented out in the evenings to generate more revenue.

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4G All Weather MUGA in Totegan

We are Multi Use games Area, we are professionals in 4G All Weather MUGA, which provides natural grass playing qualities with much simpler maintenance requirements. 

If you'd like to install a brand new 4G All Weather MUGA in Totegan our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

When building a 4G all-weather MUGA in Totegan KW14 7 there are a lot of factors that need to be considered in order to create the perfect facility for each client.

This surface type is made using the most advanced technology of artificial grass meaning that it provides natural playing qualities with all the benefits of a synthetic pitch.

Sports that can be played on a fourth-generation artificial grass all-weather multisport area typically include football, rugby, and cricket as this surface is accredited by the FA, FIFA, IRB and RFU sports governing bodies.

The synthetic grass carpet is made using high-quality yarns and is infilled with sand and rubber granules that fit between the latest synthetic turf fibres.

This fully rubber crumb infill carpet provides stability and creates the natural bounce associated with real grass sports pitches.

For more information on the costs to install a 4G all-weather MUGA at your organisation, please take a moment to fill in our quick contact form.


One of our specialists will be glad to talk you through all the options and provide you with a quote for the sports pitch construction work.

How to Build a 4G Pitch

The basic method to build 4G sports pitches is as follows:

  1. Dig up the existing ground to correct depth
  2. Install dynamic stone sub-base
  3. Lay macadam base layer
  4. Install shock pad if necessary
  5. Lay down synthetic turf carpet

For a more detailed description on how to build a 4G all-weather MUGA pitch, the first stage of construction will include excavating the ground in the existing area to the required depth and installing a dynamic stone sub base.

These stones create a durable and long-lasting foundation which is also porous to let water drain through quickly.

Next, our professional installers will put down a layer of macadam to act as a smooth and strong base before the synthetic carpet is installed.

Most clients will choose to have a shock pad installed beneath the 4G sports pitches turf; this provides extra safety qualities and makes the surface a more comfortable and smoother playing surface for players.

For information on artificial sports pitches construction please visit this page http://www.muga.co.uk/services/construction/highland/totegan/

If the pitch is going to be used for rugby, it is compulsory to have the shock pad so as to prevent injuries during training and matches, this is stated by the sports governing bodies.

5G Synthetic Grass Pitches Near Me

We offer a range of design options if you are looking to install a 4G or 5G synthetic grass area at your facility. They are popular for the below facilities:

  • Schools
  • Football clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Leisure centres

As well as being specialist surfacing installers for sports pitches, we can also include a number of different features and extras to help you complete the overall facility so that you can make the most out of the latest synthetic turf.


For schools and clubs in Totegan KW14 7 and surrounding areas, which are looking to boost their income, sports floodlights are a great addition to 4G all-weather artificial sports pitches.

This is because they allow you to rent the pitch out in non-daylight hours through the year so that other teams and clubs can use it.

As artificial grass pitches are a lot more resilient than natural grass, they can be used more frequently without becoming damaged and waterlogged.

By renting the MUGA out for extra use you can generate additional revenue to help manage maintenance costs for the synthetic turf surface. However, the cleaning and maintenance requirements are already a lot simpler than those of natural grass pitches.

For details on repairs, please visit this page http://www.muga.co.uk/maintenance/repairs/highland/totegan/

Specialist rebound fencing is another extra feature that we may install along with the flooring itself.

This comes in a variety of designs depending on your budget and what you need, but the fencing is designed to keep the area secure and keep all equipment like balls within the facility.

To discuss the costs of installing a 4G all-weather MUGA at your facility in Totegan and surrounding areas, please feel free to complete our quick enquiry form.

One of our experts will reply back to offer you a quote for the work and advise you on each of the different designs and features that we provide.


Synthetic Turf Pitch Maintenance in Totegan

4G and 5G all-weather pitches require a level of maintenance to keep them in the best possible condition.

We would recommend regularly having the synthetic turf drag brushed in order to remove any leaves, dirt or litter within the fibres and rubber infill of the pitch. This should be done as a way to maintain the porosity of the field near me.

The great thing about synthetic pitches is that they do not hold water or become muddy in wet weather; if you find that your synthetic turf facility starts to hold water and the surface becomes flooded, it is vital that you have the MUGA rejuvenated as soon as possible.

We may also carry out minor repairs if there are rips or tears in the synthetic surface.

Should your pitch become beyond repair, we can carry out resurfacing services to make your MUGA as good as new.

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With lots of experience within the surfacing industry and a wide range of expert knowledge, we can complete a range of services to create the perfect sports facility for you.

Whether you require information on a fourth generation artificial grass all-weather multi use games areas in Totegan KW14 7 or a 5G facility, we are able to help - simply fill in our contact form now to get in touch.


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