Polymeric rubber MUGA Flooring in Acton

Polymeric rubber MUGA Flooring in Acton

Polymeric surface can be used as a MUGA court with numerous sports including basketball, netball and tennis.

EPDM Sports Surface in Acton

EPDM Sports Surface in Acton

The polymeric specification is made up of EPDM rubber and comes in a range of specifications to suit your performance requirements for the chosen activities.

Polymeric Flooring Installers in Acton

Polymeric Flooring Installers in Acton

We are specialists in the construction of EPDM rubber sports courts which are often installed at schools, colleges and leisure centres.

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Polymeric MUGA Flooring in Acton

Here at Multi Use Games Area, we are specialists in the construction of EPDM rubber sports courts which are often installed at schools, colleges and leisure centres.

If you're in need of experienced and friendly polymeric MUGA flooring installers in Acton then look no further than us.


The polymeric rubber flooring in Acton SY9 5 has a unique specification that is ideal for a number of different sports and activities due to its ball bounce and slip resistance qualities.

We can install this surface type at many locations including:

  • Sport clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools
  • Colleges

Each client can choose a bespoke design which suits their requirements for playing characteristics, costs and designs.

To find out more about costs, please click here http://www.muga.co.uk/services/costs/shropshire/acton/ Rubber sport court surfaces are ideal for numerous different sports including:

  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Tennis

For more details on the rubber surfacing costs and installation process, please fill in the contact form on this page to speak to one of our experts.

We will send you some product sheets and case studies of polymeric multi use games area surfacing to look at and decide on the perfect design for your project.

Polymeric Sports Surfaces Near Me

For this versatile rubber surface type, the specification is made using EPDM crumb mixed with a specialist binder to form a porridge-like mixture.

Our installers will then apply this mixture to a macadam sub-base.

The porous tarmac foundation is used because it is smooth, porous, and durable meaning that it lasts a long time and allows for efficient water drainage on outdoor sports facilities.

For the rubber MUGA flooring wearing course, we offer a choice of coloured, rubberised crumb/ rubber granules to create a vibrant and attractive sport court.

For more information on the construction process please visit this page http://www.muga.co.uk/services/construction/shropshire/acton/

Many schools and clubs choose a colourful design on their multi use games area surfacing as this gives the facility a unique and fun appearance.


EPDM Rubber Sport Surface

Due to its versatile qualities, the rubber sport surface is ideal for multi-use games areas, and it is extremely popular at schools and public leisure facilities.

The specification is available in two different types, each of which provides slightly different performance characteristics:

Type 3 Polymeric Multi Use Games Areas Surface

Type 3 rubberised flooring type provides the highest anti slip qualities and is typically used for courts where netball is the primary sport.

The TRRL 75 anti slip rating provides users with optimum grip and traction, this specification can also be used for other sports as an all-purpose area.

Type 4 Polymeric Sports Surface

The type 4 polymeric specification offers a TRRL 55 non-slip rating for sports that don’t need as much slip resistance.

The Type 4 rubber sport surface is installed in the same way as the Type 3 specification with the same sub-base and rubber crumb material. The only difference is the slip-resistant finish and playing qualities on the surface.

Painting Rubber Sports Flooring in Acton

Both of the rubber flooring types can have coloured anti slip paint coatings of line markings applied to increase the performance quality and safety for players.

This can be done in a number of designs with one colour for the central playing surface and another colour for outer runoff. In order to turn the facility in Acton SY9 5 into a multi-use games area for numerous sports, specialist line markings will be applied to the rubberised surfacing.

For details on repainting, please click here http://www.muga.co.uk/maintenance/respraying/shropshire/acton/ Our expert installers will accurately measure out the correct dimensions for each of the sports you want to play.

The markings for individual sports will be put down in contrasting colours to make it easy for players to distinguish between the different activities.

Please contact us today to talk about the price to install an EPDM sport surface at your organisation.

Our team of experts would be happy to provide you with a quote and some further information regarding the designs of EPDM MUGA surfacing.


How to Install a Polymeric Court Near Me

If you are looking to install a polymeric sports court, we would recommend getting one of our professionals to carry out the following steps:

  1. Excavate existing surfacing to correct levels
  2. Install geotextile membrane
  3. Stone up to correct level
  4. Install macadam sub base
  5. Coat macadam with polyurethane binder which acts as a glue to stick the polymeric sports surfaces better
  6. Install polymeric surfaces
  7. Colour coat the court using specialist anti-slip paint in the colour of your choice
  8. Apply line markings to the facility for the sports you wish to play

Our specialists can complete the installation of MUGA courts in Acton and surrounding areas, to a top standard at reasonable prices. We only make use of specialist equipment and premium materials guaranteeing a high-quality finish.

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