Sand Filled Pitch in Armadale

Sand Filled Pitch in Armadale

The synthetic sand filled pitch surface is often used for facilities where the primary sports are football and hockey, they also provide good qualities for tennis.

2G Sport Surface in Armadale

2G Sport Surface in Armadale

We have completed a number of projects to install 2G sport surfaces for multi use games areas at leisure centres, schools and other facilities.

Synthetic Turf MUGA in Armadale

Synthetic Turf MUGA in Armadale

Artificial grass surfaces are commonly used for multi use facilities as they are suitable for all weather conditions and can be designed to meet individual requirements.

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Sand Filled MUGA Pitch in Armadale

Welcome to Multi Use Games Area, we are experts at sand filled sports pitch surfaces which are often used for facilities where the primary sports are football and hockey, they also provide good qualities for tennis. 

Do you need an experienced sand-filled MUGA sports pitch contractor in Armadale then you have come to the right place.


Our specialist installers complete many projects to build a sand-filled MUGA turf pitch in Armadale KW14 7 which can be used for football, hockey and as a general multi-use area.

The 2G synthetic turf is made up of specialist carpet fibres which are designed for use with a sports pitch.

A silica sand infill is applied throughout the turf fibres, which keeps the grass fibres upright and gives the overall surface its stability.

We are able to complete the whole construction process for a sand-filled pitch with grass fibres at your:

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Sports clubs

The installation work for 2G sand-filled and sand-dressed surfaces usually starts with excavating the ground and putting in a porous stone sub base with sand infill layers.

The stones for a 2g sand filled turf pitch are angular which means the fit together to form a strong foundation, but also allow water to pass through them for effective drainage.

A macadam base will then be laid onto the stones to give the rest of the surface a smooth and durable, clean layer.

Quite often, a sports shock pad will be installed onto the macadam to give shock absorption and to act as a protective underlay for the artificial grass carpet.

The final stage will be rolling out the 2G synthetic carpet, glueing it down and then distributing the sand infill throughout the facility. This will ensure users of the pitch will have the highest playing qualities available.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you would like an idea of costs to install the sand infill and a sand-filled MUGA.

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We would be happy to send you a product sheet with more details, as well as offering our professional and helpful advice regarding the best design for your facility.

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How to Install Sand Filled Surfacing Near Me

As experts within the surfacing industry, we carry out the following steps to a high standard when installing a MUGA facility:

  1. Excavate the existing surfacing (such as natural grass)
  2. Install geotextile membrane
  3. Lay down the stone or macadam sub-base
  4. Install synthetic turf surface
  5. Add sand infill to the surface (ensuring no contaminated sand)
  6. Brush the infill into the fibres
  7. Apply line-markings to the facility in the sports you require

If you require more information regarding the installation of sand filled MUGAs near me, our experts can help.


We have years of experience within the installation of sand-filled pitches and can offer details regarding the different specifications that are available.

2G Synthetic Sports Surface in Armadale

As well as installing the 2G synthetic sports surface itself we can also supply a range of extra features to go along with the facility and help you make the most of it.

Secure rebound fencing is one of the most popular installations that are included with a full-sized multisport pitch project.

Fence systems come in a range of specifications from chain link to twin bar super rebound designs to suit different requirements and budgets.

We also offer various specs for the surfaces we offer. For details on our specifications, please click here 

These fences can also come with both single and double gates to be installed to suit your preference.

Specialist floodlights are also chosen for a lot of facilities as these enable the school or club to rent out the sand-filled multisport pitch for use in the evenings and make the facility more cost-effective.

When we install a 2G synthetic sports surface in Armadale KW14 7 and surrounding areas, we will apply line markings for each of your chosen sports, these are often:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Hockey

Our professional installers have completed many projects working with schools, colleges and local clubs so we’ll be able to advise you on all the different options we have available.

Please send us your details if you’d like to discuss an enquiry with regards to sand-filled MUGA flooring. We’ll happily send you over some more information and a great value quote to complete the work.


What is a 2G Sports Pitch?

There are various sports pitches to choose from, but 2G sports pitches are a type of artificial turf surfacing used for a sports facility in Armadale and surrounding areas.

2G pitches can either be built as sand-filled or sand-dressed. Sand-filled surfacing has infill within the fibres, whereas sand dressed surfacing has a layer of infill on top of the surface.

Sand-filled surfacing is great for a multi-use games area, as a number of different sports may be played on the facility.

2G synthetic pitches can be built to meet up with a number of specifications for international governing bodies.

Line markings can be installed onto the 2G surfacing in order to make playing sports on the surface more enjoyable.

These 2g sports facilities pitches do not need a hefty rejuvenation process as they can last through wet conditions- meaning the maintenance costs are small.

Having said this, you will definitely not have a negative effect on your customers as the sports facilities can be used all year round and helps to keep the turf amazing, therefore leading to the highest playing qualities.

Other Surfaces We Offer

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