Tarmac MUGA Flooring in Archerfield The Village

Tarmac MUGA Flooring in Archerfield The Village

Macadam sports court surfaces are extremely durable and versatile as they are often used as MUGA facilities with coloured paint coatings for anti slip qualities.

Macadam Sport Surfaces in Archerfield The Village

Macadam Sport Surfaces in Archerfield The Village

We can complete the full installation process for tarmac MUGA courts including design, sub base and surface construction.

Tarmacadam Court Flooring in Archerfield The Village

Tarmacadam Court Flooring in Archerfield The Village

The tarmac surface specification has good ball bounce qualities so it's popular for tennis and basketball as well as general multi use facilities in schools and clubs.

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Tarmac MUGA Flooring in Archerfield The Village

Welcome to Multi Use Games Area, we are experts in completing the full installation process for tarmac MUGA courts including design, sub base and surface construction. 

Do you need an experienced tarmac Multi Use Games Area flooring contractor in Archerfield The Village Then you have come to the right place.

For outdoor sport facilities, tarmac MUGA flooring in Archerfield The Village EH39 5 is a popular surface type because it’s extremely durable, versatile and long-lasting.

Schools and leisure centres commonly have this hard-court specification installed with line markings/ sport markings to provide ideal playing qualities for sports clubs with different sports like -

  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Basketball

Due to its multi-use properties, macadam surfacing is also suitable for a range of playground games and other outdoor activities.

The costs to install asphalt sport surfaces are different for each project so please speak to us if you would like a detailed quote.

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Tarmac Court Construction

The installation process of macadam Multi Use Games Area flooring begins with excavating the chosen area and applying an angular stone sub base.

These stones are designed to provide a strong foundation while also offering porosity as water is able to soak through the gaps.

Once the sub-base is installed, the next stage will be laying out the macadam surfacing itself, this is made up of natural stones and tar.

The mixture is spread out onto the proposed area and left to cure, finally leaving a smooth and hard sport surface.

To learn more about the construction click here http://www.muga.co.uk/services/construction/east-lothian/archerfield-the-village/

This hard-court design creates fantastic ball bounce qualities and comes in either a Type 1 or Type 2 specification depending upon the slip resistance required for your chosen sports.

Since the final tarmac surface is permeable, it is suitable for all-weather use throughout the year.

To discuss more details about tarmacadam MUGA surfacing installations at your facility, please contact us today via the simple enquiry form.

Be sure to send us a location, area size and description of the work you’d like us to carry out and we’ll come back to you with some advice regarding the costs.

What is a Hard Court Surface?

A hard court surface is a sports facility flooring which is made of macadam. Macadam is another word for tarmac or tarmacadam.

A hard-court is permeable and can have anti-slip colour coating installed with line markings to create a more aesthetically pleasing area. For more information on repainting please click here http://www.muga.co.uk/maintenance/repainting/east-lothian/archerfield-the-village/

Hard courts are great for different sports like:

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Netball

Since the flooring is permeable the sports facility can be used in nearly all weather conditions all year round, making it great for schools and sports clubs near me which will undergo constant use of the facility. 

If you require more information on hard court surfaces be sure to contact our helpful team and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience.


Macadam Sports Court Surfaces Near Me

When we install macadam sports court surfaces, there are numerous design options that the client can choose from to make their facility unique and tailored to their requirements.

One main feature we include with a tarmac all weather surface court construction in Archerfield The Village EH39 5 and surrounding areas, is coloured anti-slip paint.

This is usually applied in acrylic paint and is available in a range of colour choices including:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Terracotta

A single colour can be applied to the whole area, or you could choose to have a dual coloured design for a more vibrant and interesting finish.

To create tarmacadam MUGA flooring which is used for multiple sports, professional line markings will be added in different coloured paint for each activity.

If you have an existing asphalt sport surface that requires painting and line marking, we also offer this service along with a professional clean of the area.

The tarmac surface specification is a brilliant play surface for basketball courts and other sports as it has perfect performance qualities for bouncing a ball.

Outdoor Sports Areas Court Equipment in Archerfield The Village

In addition to the construction and painting of macadam surfaces, there is extra equipment which some clients choose to include.

Rebound sport fencing is available in different specifications from a simple chain link design to super rebound twin bar fencing.

Depending on your budget and the amount of use your facility will get, we will be able to advise you on the best choice of fencing.

For more info on fencing please click here http://www.muga.co.uk/services/fencing/east-lothian/archerfield-the-village/

Another popular feature is floodlighting, lots of schools and clubs have outdoor sport lighting installed to extend the usage time that the facility offers.

By making the sports court available in the evening with floodlights, extra revenue can be generated as other clubs and teams can rent the space out.

We would be happy to discuss the prices of installing, painting or cleaning tarmac Multi Use Games Areas flooring in Archerfield The Village EH39 5 so please get in touch with us for professional advice.

You can send us your details through the enquiry form on this page and we’ll reply back with some advice on the costs and designs for macadam sports facilities.

Other Surfaces We Offer

We also offer sports surfaces in artificial grass, synthetic turf, and other durable surface types.


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